Coachella 2013 Advance Sale Available This Week!

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You probably know about it by now, Coachella has already announced its dates for 2013!! And the tickets will go on sale…. this Thursday at 10 am! Of course the festival is again spreading over two consecutive weekends: April 12-14 and April 19-21 2013.


Where is this gonna stop? Think about it, now we have to pay a year in advance to attend a festival without even knowing who is playing there, what kind of manipulation is this? I was already complaining about some concert tickets I bought recently, as I had to decide right now if I would be available mid August… I don’t know what I will be doing in August! I hate this, I love the immediacy, I love deciding at the last minute what I am gonna do, and the current tendency works exactly against this.


Last year, Coachella tickets went on sale in June, this year it is in May! With this trend, I imagine that you will have to make soon your plan for Coachella 2020, but it doesn’t seem to bother people. As a matter of fact, if the 2020 tickets were on sale right now, people would buy them for sure.


To be clear, they cannot sell them that much in advance, because they are sneakily increasing the prices this year. According to the LA Times, a weekend pass during last year presale was $315 once the fees were included, this year it will cost you $349 but the fees are already included, so it can be a little confusing… at this pace, it will be close to $600 in 2020, yeah think about this! And I don’t even want to talk about the VIP tickets ($799,.. ouch!). Should I remind you that Goldenvoice bought all that land in Indio? And they are so confident they will sell all their festival passes that they have limited them to two per billing address, which makes things complicated when the whole family wants to go


Anyway, advance passes will be available from May 17 to May 24, but if you want to wait, general on-sale tickets will be sold early next year, when they announce the lineup.


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