Coffee Shop Soundtrack

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Sitting in Starbucks, without any music to listen to?  Here's a playlist to satisfy all of your latte-sipping hipster needs.

1.  "Waste Of Paint"- Bright Eyes.  This song is so perfect in every way and I constantly have it on every chill or sleep playlist that I have.  It's so calming.

2.  "Drunk Kid Catholic"- Bright Eyes.  Easily one of my favourite Bright Eyes tunes.

3.  "New Perspective(acoustic"- Panic! At The Disco.  P!ATD does so many acoustic songs, but this is my favourite they've ever done an acoustic rendition of,

4.  "Contact High"- Architecture In Helsinki.  This song is the perfect balance between falling asleep to it, and getting up to dance to it.

5.  "Cameras"- Matt and Kim.  It's so catchy and fun, but still good for just relaxing.


Frappuccino, anyone?


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