Coldplay, 2016 Most Streamed Artist On Spotify

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Who is the most streamed artist in the world? Beyonce? Rihanna? Drake? No, I am focusing too much on the US it seems, and it’s not even Taylor Swift, who, despite being the richest pop stars in the world, is not the most streamed.

Drake was the most streamed artist of 2015 with over 1.8 billion streams, and Rihanna the most streamed female with over 1 billion streams, but this year, the honor goes to Coldplay. According to Spotify, the UK band passed 5 billion streams on the giant streaming service, which is an amazing and impressive number compared to last year’s records

To be fair Drake is not far behind, two weeks ago he was nominated Spotify’s most streamed artist for 2016 and Rihanna most streamed female artist for second year in a row with respectively 4.7 billion streams and 2.5 billion streams but, as Coldplay released a five-track ‘Live From Spotify London’ collection, it was revealed that the band had passed 5 billion streams on the service, beating Drake just at the end of 2016.

Coldplay is officially the biggest band in the world, and the very average song ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’, the lead single from their seventh studio album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’, got by itself more than 322 million plays to date, whereas ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ reached more than 289 million streams. According to Music Week, more than a billion of the streams came only from their latest LP.

And I am not even talking about the fact that Coldplay recently managed to win ‘British Artist Of The Year’ at the BBC Music Awards, beating, yes, the late David Bowie! Whatever your feelings – or your lack of feelings – for Coldplay, we are not getting rid of them anytime soon.

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