Coldplay At Gillette Stadium, Friday, August 4th, 2017, Reviewed

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The word ‘please’ had to have been the most used word at the stadium gig of the summer, Coldplay during their ” A Head Full of Dreams Tour” concert at Gillette Stadium on Friday, August 4th.

I have never been to a show which had so many instructions. ‘Please put on your wristband’, ‘Please download our app’, ‘Please follow us .. ‘, ‘Please hashtag…’..Please leave me alone.
But thank you
‘Thank you for braving this traffic’, ‘Than you for paying such high ticket prices’.”thank you Robert Kraft (NE Patriot owner) for placing the moon behind the stage’
Now pay attention…
“Jump with us.. HIGHER!”
“shut off your phones.. be in the moment with me”
“say whoAH OHH”

I began to fear there would be a quiz with so many directions and so many demands…”Coldplay, you are not the boss of me!!”
“now get lower now.. NOW JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP”

The adorable Izzy Bizu played to a near empty stadium promptly at 7pm with the most endearing voice and despite appearing as if she just rolled out of her dorm oozed with charisma. Check her out “Please stay, Please succeed. ‘Please get dressed next time’
Second opening act AlunaGeorge in a god awful cheap looking super hero costume was so horrible I nearly wanted to cry. “Please get off the stage.” “Please jump jump jump off the stage’, while you’re at it. She tried, really she did to be cutesy and instead it came off as talent show runner up.

With a blast of flame, fireworks and laser swirling the main act leapt onto the stage promptly at 8:55, “Thank you!”
From that moment until the last smoke bomb cleared a clearly aging Chris Martin and crew vibrated the entire stadium with energy, enthusiasm and a multi sensory hootenanny of rare proportion.

I cannot recall the last ‘stadium’ show I have been too. I consider the venue too large too echo filled to peopley to tolerate. Yet on this night Gillette Stadium was the perfect backdrop to a mega band whose time has passed.

Coldplay goes strong with new hits with youngsters like The Chainsmokers and gets their hip on with features like Rhianna but this is your dads band. The audience proved this, with late 40s ‘the kids are old enough to be home alone’ vibe. Lots of dockers, lots of middle management grey. And for this I was actually grateful after two rap gigs filled with teenagers, these ‘burb dogs were a welcomed quiet crew.

Chris Martin, aged but charismatic, still can fun and twirl with the best of them, his voice still crisp and emotional and his band as tight and strong as ever put on a crowd pleasing show. The hits from the ‘early days’ (“before some of you were even born”..) to the most recent were there to be sung along to. But the crowd didn’t really sing (thank you)

Instead we got to watch the songs unfold with accompaniment of our bracelets which lit up and strobed to the beat with zero effort. How high tech- how passively ‘wow’. The “A Head Full of Dreams” tour didn’t require you to wake up and do anything at all and maybe that is why the screens were asking so politely that we do something. So we would actually be participating?

“Yellow”, “Clocks” “Kaleidoscope” were all there. The screens showed visionaries and lined up fans and swirls and neon and news and in a whirl it was over. A solid satisfying meal show. Sorta like pasta primavera, safe noodles with a crunch. A concert while in the moment provided stimulus but without the resonant power to make it buzz worthy. It was good, very good but it was vanilla… and it was all yellow.

I sincerely believe that if there were no selections from Clocks or A Rush of Blood, the audience would have thinned out (no pun intended Boston again you win widest asses in the US award) much earlier. Mom and Dads night out was a great success. I had a wonderful time and the band did their job

B+ kids and if your touch base on Setlist FM for the tunes played… its wrong. I hear no Bowies “Heroes”, b


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