Coldplay, Beyonce, And Rihanna For Super Bowl?

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Beyonce and Rihanna are both keen to join in the high-profile ceremony,” claim sources. “[They] will add just the spark needed to make it an amazing and unforgettable show.”

It is said that Rihanna would look to perform her huge 2012 Coldplay duet ‘Princess Of China’, while Bey would lend vocals to the Head Full Of Dreams collaboration ‘Hymn For The Weekend’.

We shall see – 2016 is already set to be a huge year for Rihanna, with the ‘Diamonds’ star rumoured to be dropping her new album Anti any day now…

That’s what Gigwise report and as I lick my fresh wounds from the Jets loss and the Pittsburgh win which will make us making the playoffs a total of nonce this decade, the same old same old. So who will win the Super Bowl? I’ll take the Panthers over New England and who will win on this little piece of musical whatever? I’ll give to to Beyonce as long as she doesn’t get too arty on us.

The Jets game was a masterpiece of what the hell. With no reason to let the Bills come up with air, they Jets should have stuffed em fast and often, instead they essentially invited Rex to the table, and tucked their napkins under their chins: “Eat up boys, it is only our season.” That first quarter, 3 and out, 4 and out 3 and out, was a welcome in for the Bills. The Jets wouldn’t let them give in.

Meanwhile, the holidays are finally and completely over with. Thanks for playing guys, see you next year.

As for the Super Bowl… who cares?


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