Coldplay Cover The Beastie Boys 'Fight For Your Rights'

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Coldplay was playing at the Hollywood bowl this past week in Los Angeles, and they covered ‘Fight for your Rights’ during the show, as a tribute to Adam Yauch. You can watch the video below and hear the famous UK band changing the comical vocal assaults of the Beastie Boys into some watery soup bogged down into a sirupy Coldplay-like meaningless grandiosity. I mean how can Chris Martin play this song this way whereas it was supposed to be a joke filled with rap gimmicks, rowdiness, disrespect and cream pies in everyone’s face? It’s an ode to having fun for the sake of it, it’s a paaaaarty song and Martin wants to make you cry with it?


I understand that the video received more than 8,000 likes for only 200 dislikes, but I don't care, people find it touching and heartfelt, I find it weepy and soapy.


I know, Chris Martin had the best intentions, and to be fair to him, it was not the first time he was covering the song, so it was not totally opportunistic. Plus, someone in the comments said that Adam Yauch was aware of the cover and liked it, but, if it is true, he was a Buddhist and was all for peace and love! And considering all this, it is always harsh to criticize someone who wants to honor you anyway!


Should a cover always be similar to the original? No of course! But in this case, there is little place for the Beastie Boys, the band they want to pay tribute to, all I can hear is Martin’s whining voice and Coldplay’s saccharine arrangements.

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