Coldplay Tribute to MCA

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As Alyson wrote of yesterrday, Coldplay tributed MCA.  The difference here is our opinions of the action.  I didn't know if i should laugh or cry when I saw this.  I mean first off Chris Martin can make anything sound sad but with piano and hush, "Fight For Your Right To Party", takes on a whole knew vibe.

This is also proof that raps are sorta silly as spoken.  There is a melancholy though, that seems so sincere.  So as much as we think Chris Martin is jerk, he really hit this one home.  He didn't try to do it out of his reach he straight up played a Beastie Boy tune as naturally Coldplay as imaginable.  Yes, he is a nob and yeah this shit can get annoying but the gift that Chris Martin has is a voice of vulnerabiltiy.  He can turn the happy birthday song in to a emo drenched ode to lost youth, it is an amazing thing and he does it very well.

I presume there will be many many more of these.  Hell after Whitney Houston died every schmuck in town was trying out her tunes.  The element of Beastie Boys though is what's going to fail.  They were the epitome of fun.  There wasn't much meat in their work just good time music with wild young abandon. 

Regardless, Coldplay did a nice fitting trib.  Take another look at it here:

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