Coldplay’s Self-Deprecating Winning Game

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Poor Chris Martin! Actually, why should I pity him, his band Coldplay just had the big win, as playing the halftime show of the Super Bowl is a big win, right? But did they? If you have read any review, Beyonce undoubtedly stole the show, and Martin looked like another of her accessories and any performer should know this woman should never be allowed at your show. But Chris Martin doesn’t care, it seems that this guy is ready to admit all his failures in the more candid way you can imagine.

When David Bowie died, Martin told us about a song that Bowie had nicely declined, because ‘it wasn’t a good one’, and the Coldplay frontman has done it again! He is now admitting that the same thing happened with Beyonce. In his upcoming interview with Rolling Stone, we learn that he once presented to the queen Bey a song called ‘Hook Up’ and even played it for her in the studio. But ‘she turned it down in the sweetest possible way,’ said Martin. She told him ‘I really like you, but this is awful.’ The least we can say is that people are always direct and honest with him. But I don’t get it, why is Martin telling us once again that one of his songs was too bad to be recorded by a superstar?

Coldplay is the band you necessarily have to hate to sound cool, but at the same time, they are very successful, is there is a better promotion for a band than playing the Super bowl show?

I am like any music snob, I don’t really like their music, I find them more and more boring, they are a band vaguely rooted in indie culture, which grew real mainstream and arena-show ambitions, without never becoming U2. They are no Radiohead either, they are just middle of the road, never offensive, never groundbreaking, never remarkable, throwing colorful confetti parade at each of their shows to compensate for their blankness.

And it works… Martin could not care less if his band ‘sometimes is a punch line’ as he says in the interview – remember the ‘you know you’re gay when you like Coldplay’ in ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’ – why would he care? He makes millions!

But why admitting these rejections? Why saying your songs have been rejected ?May be it’s part of the game, the self deprecating game, which works so well among women. You will love me more because I am a bit of a loser? But when you get 100 million viewers for a show that lasts just a few minutes, you are not a total loser.

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