Come Sail Aboard Immigraniada Boat With Gogol Bordello And Devotchka To Benefit ACLU

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I know two bands which fight very hard for immigrant rights, Outernational and Gogol Bordello, and in these terrifying times, we need them more than ever. Gogol Bordello has tons of songs with the immigrant theme, they are Immigrant punks, it’s in their veins and their true nature, and when this video for ‘Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher)’ was released in 2012, it ended with the quote ‘No Human Being Is Illegal’. This is something we hear more and more from the Anti-Trump front, and something we need to repeat.

Gogol Bordello is truly an international band, with members coming from Ukraine, America, Russia, Ethiopia or Ecuador… they are sons and daughters of immigrants who made the journey, and today they want to ‘stand with those fighting for their better lives, and the people who fight alongside them’.

The band has decided to celebrate these immigrants with a very special event on April 6th, as they will be sailing the New York Harbour aboard the ship Liberty Belle, starting from Pier 36 at 299 South St.

And it is an invite for the familia, since it’s not a private party, as it is specified on Gogol Bordello’s page, you can all come aboard and the other melting-pot band DeVotchka will also be part of the trip. You mean a concert at sea? Exactly, why not sailing aboard Liberty Belle, while having fun with Gogol Bordello and DeVotchka? This sounds like excellent times and they say the cruise will last for 3 hours, I just hope the ship will be able to contain the greater-than-life persona of Mr. Eugene Hütz. Of course the whole enterprise is for an excellent cause as ‘All proceeds are going to ACLU, which is on the front lines in the fight for immigrants’ rights.

The presale is already sold out, but general sale tickets will be sold on Friday March 17th at 12 pm ET.

‘Immigration naturally enriches culture and human resource of any country. It is a complicated, sensitive subject to consider with care and love…’ says Eugene Hütz, ‘Once an immigrant punk, forever immigrant punk’, and it is certainly something we should repeat and repeat and repeat…


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