Conor Oberst And Teenage Girls

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I want to be alone




















Alyson Camus wrote about Conor Oberst’s bizarrely ill mannered Rolling Stone interview last week, “I don’t know if it makes me an asshole to not want to talk to my fans. But I’m not going to sit on a fucking computer and try to talk to some fucking 16-year-old in wherever-the-fuck.” 

I see.

Well, how about seventeen year old girls or fifteen  year old girls, or is it all teenage girls, the ones who have given him a career, that he doesn’t want to know? The question here is of a form of ageism, sexism and just plain ignorance. It suggests that Oberst doesn’t believe teenage girls are as intellectually stimulating as say Jim James and M. ard wheras my firm belief is that they are vastly more stimulating than either them.

Or Conor, who has gotten considerable worse in the 2010s from the 00s… all those great songs he now dismisses with “I don’t relate to a lot of my earlier songs,. They were extremely verbose. That might be cathartic when you’re doing it, but it doesn’t necessarily hold up.”The operative word being necessarily. I’d take just about anything on Lifted over the vast majority of his songwriting in this decade.

But back to the question of “fucking  16-year-old in wherever-the-fuck.”.

1. If rumors are correct, he spent a lot of time fucking 16 year old girls, so what’s the problem now.

2. Conor is a bit of a egocentric monster, he doesn’t believe he has anything to gain by speaking to his fans, by talking to the people who live him most. But he is wrong.

In dealing with young fans who admire you so much, a little compassion please. A little empathy. They can share insight into your work (or maybe Conor doesn’t need any insight into his work, in which case why has he forgotten how to write good songs, “Cape Canaveral” was SIX YEARS AGO) . I don’t get the disrespect, the smarting dislike. Why teenage girls, why not middle aged men? Why pinpoint your dislike at the heart of the very people who love you most.

His writing is getting worse, the last two times I saw him live he wasn’t very good, and he has a nasty fucking attitude. Conor wants to be alone and if he continues like this he will certainly get his wish.


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