Could Courtney Love Join Lauryn Hill In Jail For Not Paying Her Taxes?

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Celebrities have to be careful these days, the IRS doesn’t joke about unpaid taxes, singer Lauryn Hill knows too well about it as she just went in jail for not paying hers – she didn’t pay federal taxes on more than $1.5 million she earned over 3 years – and this could also happen to Courtney Love, who knows?

According to TMZ, the IRS claims she owes them over $260,000 in unpaid taxes! Did she forget or what? On July 11th, the IRS filed a tax lien against Love, claiming she owes them $3,236.23 for the year 2009 and $263,624.78 for the year 2011. She was apparently reasonable in 2010? And it’s not the first time it is happening, she also didn’t pay her taxes in 2007, but managed to pay them since…

She is doing a tour, has a book in preparation, so she may be fine if she stops buying drugs, but seriously, for a woman who claims to be the guardian of Nirvana’s music catalog, how is this possible? I don’t understand, a few days ago, she said Jay Z ‘helped fill her bank account’ because she gave him the authorization to use the lyrics of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ on his ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’,… ‘he paid enough for it’ she even said.

The reality is that she stepped down as Acting Manager of End of Music LLC, the business generating money from Cobain’s publicity rights in 2012, and her daughter is now in control of Nirvana ‘s publicity rights, and I don’t understand why people everywhere keep believing her when she pretends to still control anything!

However, according to the Fix, when she stepped down, Courtney Love received a $2.75 million loan from Frances Bean Cobain’s fund in 2010, so she has no excuse for not paying her taxes in 2011, or may be she had already spent everything in drugs and cosmetic surgery? I bet she is going once again to accuse Dave Grohl to steal Nirvana’s money as she did before. I just hope the IRS doesn’t leave her alone until she pays everything back, and if she increases her debt, there’s no reason to let her free when Lauryn Hill is in jail.


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