Dancing With The Dead: A Halloween Playlist

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For all those upcoming Halloween parties, of course you need a playlist.  Here are a few tunes to sprinkle throughout it to give it a hint of fright or autumnal warmth.

1.  "Raised By Wolves" – Falling In Reverse.  This song is most certainly a good one for halloween if anyone's dressed as a werewolf.

2.  "Chelsea Grin"- Bring Me The Horizon.  The screams and lyrics make for a spooky feel.  It's always felt a bit creepy.

3.  "Curse Of The Virgin Canvas"- Alesana.  The low voices and the story is perfect for this scary holiday.  It's nearly halloween themed.

4.  "Shell Games"- Bright Eyes.  A good song for autumn- not scary at all.  It'll be a good break from some of the more creepy songs.

5.  "The Murderer" – Alesana.  Another fun and frightening tune.  It can really send shivers up your spine.

6.  "First Of The Year (Equinox)"- Skrillex.  This dubstep song has an eerie feel.

7.  "Pumped Up Kicks"- Foster The People.  Yet another good fall song.  It's a perfect beat for a party too.

8.  "Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't"- Brand New.  This tune is surely a good one for any get together, but it really belongs in autumn.

Now gimme some (vegan) candy!


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