Dave Stewart’s Body Inhabited By Host…. Who Also Writes Lousy Songs

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who are these men?


I feel a little guilty about being mean to Dave Stewart, not only did he repost Alyson Camus’ pictures of him a coupla years ago but he was also very nice when I interviewed him in the early 80s, with a terrific Scottish brrrr.

Also, Dave is hardly the first rock star to appear insanely irrational (no, not Kanye comparing himself to Shakespeare), Bob Dylan beat him to it. Remember that 2012 cover story by Mikal Gilmore? As WCBSFM noted: “Upon reading a book about the Hells Angels, he realized he was transfigured in conjunction with a man sharing his name – Bobby Zimmerman, the president of the San Fernando chapter of the Hells Angels – who also got into a motorcycle accident in the 1960s and died. And thus, this is why Dylan can’t explain some stuff from his past – that person is “long dead.”

Pretty wild but we’ve all forgotten it by now. So, perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked by this item from Page Six:

” Dave Stewart says that since 1979 his body’s been inhabited by another being, who’s written all his songs. “I had a huge car crash in Germany . . . I had many different [operations],” Stewart told a gobsmacked Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly on “Good Day New York.”

“I died on the operating table, I flatlined, in about 1979, and somebody else slipped into my body, which is called a walk-in . . . That’s the name when that happens,” Stewart matter-of-factly told the hosts. “From then on, I’ve been somebody else. I am completely not me. I’m speaking on behalf of Dave, but I am somebody else who has written hundreds and thousands of songs.”

It is as if Dave and Bobby have morphed into all those “Paul Is Dead” conspiracy theorists. Or maybe he is just trolling for readers of his new autobiography. After all, he outed Stevie Nicks for sleeping with him in 1984.

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