David Bowie 'Speed Of Life' Limited Edition

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Only 2000 copies of the posh coffee table book will be produced and chances are better than not you will never see one in the flesh.  This elitist ego stroke of a book chronicles Bowies 40 year career as captured by photographer and designer, Masayoshi Sukita.

A 300-page photo essay which, captioned with their own recollections and memories, traces the development of Bowie's career from 1972 to the present day. 

David Bowie: 'It's very hard for me to accept that Sukita-san has been snapping away at me since 1972 but that really is the case… May he click into eternity.'

"Speed of Life", is the first book ever to show a visual account of David Bowie's ongoing relationship with Japan and it's influence on his work. Both authors' words are written in English and Japanese, again adding to  the arrogance level.

The limited edition is printed onto heavyweight matt art paper and quarter hand-bound in a bespoke-dyed calfskin leather, onto a turquoise cloth cover as personally selected by David Bowie.  Oh, and did I mention all 2000 will be signed by Bowie and Sukita?  Yeah, all the more reason to not really care.

£360.00 is the cost- convert it yourself, not sold out yet so act fast.  Bowie sure was a photogenic dude 



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