David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ Has Still More Secrets To Reveal

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Blackstar in the sun


It turns out that ’Blackstar’, the last album David Bowie ever released, had more to tell us then we thought… But we are talking about the artwork. Jonathan Barnbrook, the album’s designer, recently revealed in an interview with BBC 6, that the artwork holds even more secrets and surprises than what we had already discovered. He said:

‘There are a number of black stars on the album, it’s not just the five on the front – and they do symbolize different things in life.’

‘There are a lot of other things going on that aren’t completely at the surface, but I do hope people see them – not necessarily straight away.’

It has become similar to a treasure hunt, Bowie’s fans are looking for the secrets of Blackstar and a few have already made some interesting findings. Spin magazine has gathered the suggestions, mostly made by fans on Twitter and social media. And so far, the best one seems to be that the cover exposed under a blacklight glows into a fluorescent blue… what else can reflect more a strong spirit, still living inside millions of fans? Month ago, people had already found out that the Blackstar gatefold makes a star field appear when it is exposed to sunlight

But it goes into more subtle details: the run times on the album’s back cover is in a font called Terminal, and since Bowie knew he was in terminal condition during the last year of his life, this may not have been a simple coincidence, but I just wonder how you come up with such an idea.

Also, according to SPIN, the LP itself casts a reflection when it is exposed to light. ‘Reflecting light off one side of the vinyl at certain angle creates what looks like a star,’ while another person suggested that “when you reflect light off of side one you get a bird in flight. Side two, a space ship.’ People have so much imagination.

There are probably other discoveries to be made and, at this point, there should be a contest because I am under the feeling there’s more to come.


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