David Byrne Claims Google Is Evil And Since They Threw Us Off Adsense Because We're A Pornographic Site, We Agree

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Bryne down Google

Bryne down Google

Maybe a year ago, Google threw rock nyc off Adsense because we are a pornographic site. What? Apparently a picture of Lana Del Rey had too much flesh color because a man’s also flesh colored hand was on her clothed breast. So we tried to explain this to them. Ha. Nobody to talk to, nobody to email, nobody to explain. That was it. That was their decision. (earlier, they changed their google search and we lost half our readers overnight)

So trust me, rock nyc fucking loathes them.

Plus, it is not news that Google has every single thing you ever searched for ever, you are in a little file the better to be, in a best case scenario, sold stuff to. Google promised they would never even look at these archives,indeed, I heard they would destroy em around the time Syria gets rid of their poison gas.

But, I’m sorry, unless you wanna live like a luddite you are completely fucked. Your only safety is safety in numbers. There is so much information on everyone, it does end up as bleeps and blasts. Except of course, if you piss them off. Then you have a serious mother fucking problem.

This comes to mind because yesterday david Byrne posted an article called Google Is Evil, and we agree. They are scum, all these people, all these huge corporations are evil. Privacy is dead. And here is what Bryne had to say:

I have a few Android devices, and I noticed the other day that for some strange reason my phone was not storing my recordings on the SD card I had bought and installed. (I use it to record memos for songwriting—it’s a great way to jot down ideas.) The recordings normally lived on the 64-gig SD card that the Android allows one to insert inside for extra storage. The MP3 songs I was transferring over to listen to when I travel or jog weren’t going to the SD card either. Then I got a notice that the SD card was no longer available as a storage medium. WTF?

Poking around, it seems that the latest version of Android (KitKat) disables certain kinds of uses on these storage cards that I had purchased; Google (who helped develop the Android operating system, and later bought it) seems to have intentionally crippled my devices. It cost me money for those cards, but more importantly, I use them as a creative tool. Phones especially get filled up with apps and other stuff, but if I can store my pictures, music and voice memos on an SD card, I can worry less about memory issues.

Some of the tech-help forums claim that there is a valid reason for this—but hey—I switched to these devices BECAUSE I could store lots of stuff on them. That’s an essential selling point for me. With an external SD card, I could effectively use my phone as a music player that could hold way more playlists than the phone itself could ever do. Same goes with my phone pix and recordings—I almost never had to worry about the memory getting full, but now I sure do.”



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