Day Wave At Amoeba, Thursday May 4th 2017

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Day Wave


Think about the Postal Service, Real Estate, DIIV, Nada Surf,… call it dream pop, new wave, emo, or… whatever, the new band Day Wave showed they could be an inspired mix of all this as they performed new songs at Amoeba on Thursday night, just a day in advance of the release of their debut album on Harvest Records. The quintet played 8 songs of ‘The Days We Had’ with a constant dreamy to morose tone coming from frontman Jackson Philips.

The layered guitars-synth and drums were building very hazy textures, rather lo-fi at the beginning, but often soaring to bigger sonic proportions, although it was never too loud. It was especially Philips’ vocals which were defining the mood of the music, super melancholic and almost in contrast with the upbeat tempos, the shining and oscillating guitars of the songs. You could almost hear a subtle Smiths nostalgia at time, but the emotions were only contained in this sunny gloominess, nourished by a haze of guitar, waving and scintillating over an ocean of synth. On stage, they had a good energy, softly moving like the waves they were making, and at the end, it was bouncy indie pop with big choruses and multi-voices, almost kaleidoscopic harmonies, a big poppy heart and an idea of sunshine in a cloud of ringing guitars.

Day Wave is actually the dream of singer songwriter Jackson Philips, who released the EP ‘Headcase’ in 2014 and got some serious airplay on a few radio stations then plenty of streams on Spotify: 2 million for ‘Something Here’, 6 million for ‘Drag’, and 7 million for ‘Gone’. After touring with Albert Hammond Jr. and Blonde Redhead – I actually saw Day Wave last year, opening for the Psychedelic Furs during the Twilight Series concerts in Santa Monica – Philips released a second EP ‘Hard to Read’, which led to this new album ‘The Days We Had’.

The Amoeba audience got the premiere for many new songs, which had not been played live yet, and looking at the young crowd enjoying the music, taking tons of pics while standing first row, expect to see these Day Wave cute guys headlining shows everywhere. As a matter of fact, they have a full US tour which starts next month with a stop at the El rey in Los Angeles.

Something Here
On Your Side
Bring You Down
I’m Still Here

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