Death Of The “Bop Bop Bop”

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no more doobe doo

Time travel is fun but musical time travel is even more fun.  Head on back to the tin sounds of Armstrong or before into the bass pounding sounds of today’s rappers and its a whirlwind of change.  Nothing is the same.  In a world of ‘been there done that’ rehashed tripe its astounding to think we really haven’t ‘heard it all’

My adventure in search of the bop doo wop filler croons has an interesting start.  Blame Spotify for having decades radio- I started with the 50’s ended with the ’00s and came away realizing something had died.

Filler sounds like The Beach Boys used most often in songs like ‘Good Vibrations’, (bop bop excitation bop bop) are gone. Even Sinatras ‘shoo bee doo bee doo’ is dead.

Yeah, in the 80s we tried to bring it back with The Police and the idiotic ‘Do Do Do Dah Dah’, and even Cyndi Laupers ‘She Bop’ but face it man the bop was dead and buried.  Hanson gave us’ Mmm Bop’, but well, that was it.  But in the day everyone used it.  The ‘la la la’, ‘bop bop’.  ‘doo doo doo’ was everywhere giving songwriters a break in their task of making meaningful hits.

The filler sing along chorus is a thing of the past and its a sad thing.  Now we get Kanyes grunt ‘I sayin shes a gold diggah uhhh but she aint goin wit no broke niggah uhhh’.  Had he simply used the word bop bop in stead of uh.. it would be a much happier tune.

But we don’t want that sunny orange soda happiness anymore, do we?  We want to be cool and tough and bad ass and heaven forbid we shake our tambourines or even toe tap- don’t do it man.

What was once the part of the tune where everyone could join in with zero lyric knowledge has been parked like grandmas Bel Aire.  We can look at it, we can visit it but it aint goin nowhere anymore.



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