Debbie Harry Is 66 Years Old And I'm Gonna See Blondie At Highline on the 12th… So Here's Some Thoughts…

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I have a history with Debbie Harry. Sssssh… I was walking in the village with NME photographer Joe Stevens in the early 80s, when a gorgeous blonde chick dashed out of a cab and asked Joe for ten bucks. He didn't have it so I lent him a tenner and he gave it to Debbie. As brushes with greatness goes…

And Debbie Harry is great.

Or let's be a touch clearer, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein are. Or to be clearer even more so Blondie are.

I wrote a post a year or so ago about daydreaming about rock stars… trust me, I've daydreamed about Debbie Harry: she was a west village Marilyn Monroe, I met her a coupla times in the late 1970's, and… her pix weren't doing her justice. The woman had an icy , unreachable glow. I just said Marilyn but maybe I mean a slacker Grace Kelly.

And as a band… well let's grade em.

Blondie B+

Plastic Letters A+

Parallel Lines A

Eat To The Beat B+

AutoAmerician B-

The Hunter C-

The Curse Of Blondie C-

No Exit  B-

Ok not a big shocker, but remember there is a leap of nearly two decades between The Hunter and The Curse Of Blondie (Blondie were not a band, Stein was very ill and Harry nursed him back and then… she went solo and pretty well though not a huge FINANCIAL SUCCESS.

Live? Blondie suck. I saw em a coupla times pre "Heart Of Glass", once during "Heart" and once post Blondie (1998? Something like this). O wasn't thrilled even once. Though I saw Debbie solo twice and thought she was excellent both times. Go figure. The problem is twofold

1) She is a chilly ice queen and the audience doesn't thaw her


2) Blondie's best songs are perfect pop confections. They are the Katy Perry's of their day delivering high quality songs that need to be executed very well. But if you are executing well live, what are you saying more than wow, there's Debbie Harry IN THE FLESH.

So I am going to see them for the first time in a decade or so at Highline.

Debbie Harry at 66! Still gorgeous, still unattainable, still the nj Grace Kelly of rock. 

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