Digging Deeper Into The Kanye West David Bowie Conspiracy Theory

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I basically can’t get enough of all these David Bowie-Kanye West surrealist connections… It’s just stupid but fun, Either people just have too much imagination or too much time on their hands, but especially, they have a strong obsession to see signs which, of course, do not exist.

Everyone knows David Bowie’s famous album, ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’… a favorite of mine, and everyone knows about the cover art, showing Bowie below a K West sign… just because the photograph was taken outside furriers ‘K. West’ in London. However, some people have imagined this was announcing the success of Kanye West. And this was enough to start the most stupid conspiracy theory, fueled by the recent and false rumor that Kanye West had the intention to record an album of Bowie covers.

Just follow the craziness…Kanye was born in June 77 and the album was released in June 72, so how could this be a prophecy? The first song of ‘Ziggy Stardust’ is ‘Five Years’, so, obviously, the ‘theory’ works very well…. Predicting the birth of Kanye, which occurred five years later. But it goes even deeper into conspiracy shit, as ‘Five Years’ announces that the Earth only has five years left before it ends, while the song ‘Starman’ adds that the Earth will disappear unless the Starman arrives to save it. And since Kanye our savior was born five years later, it makes total sense.

As for the connection with Bowie’s last album, the title speaks by itself, Blackstar,… a black star is born….Plus the 3rd track is ‘Lazarus’ a biblical character who was resurrected by no less than Jesus, or Yeezus.

Of course all this is totally insane and pure non sense… seeing signs as these ones is as smart as seeing Jesus on a cheese toast or the virgin Mary on a potato chip… Bowie said of the K. West real sign, ‘It’s such a shame that sign went [was removed]. People read so much into it. They thought ‘K. West’ must be some sort of code for ‘quest.’ It took on all these sort of mystical overtones.’ And he had not even heard of these new ones!

Kanye West has an upcoming album, and so far the critiques haven’t been very good for the song ‘Facts’, which he dropped on New Year’s Eve, even Iman, a West fan, did not like it! May be SWISH will be better, may be worst, but if it reveals to be the Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide of Kanye West’s career , I would become a believer.

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