Divided By Friday: Turning Heads and Turning Tables

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So this band called Divided By Friday's vocalist/guitarist Jose Villanueva released a cover of Adele's "Turning Tables".  Now I've never heard of this band and I hate Adele, so I was just prepared to hate it.  Every single cover of Adele I'd heard previous was just a failed attempt at trying to copy her.

I actually like it.  The guitar playing is spot on and nice and the vocals are intense, and, excitingly enough, not trying to copy Adele.  The vocalist Jose most certainly has a unique voice and it's really passionate too, which I love.  I've never heard a voice like his, but it's really enjoyable because it is so different.  His range is impressive and it makes it his own, making it dimensional and interesting. 

I'm not a fan of Adele but I've heard the original of this song, but this version is better by a longshot.  Simply because his voice is beautiful and raw, showing real passion.  The wonderful vocals mixed with the great guitar playing makes this cover one that stands alone from the rest, and truly shows off Divided By Friday's Villanueva's talent.

I'd highly recommend this cover, and this band as a whole.  They're fantastic.


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