Do Some People Actually Believe EDM Is A Mind Control Tool Used By The Government?

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I hate EDM with a passion, to me, it’s stupid music, dumb and totally soulless, but there is another level of EDM stupidity surfacing on the internet, a new conspiracy theory: EDM could be a mind control tool used alongside drugs to condition you into the correct mindset. These ideas have flourished around the internet, on several blogs and on Reddit, one of the worst places for conspiracy theories, solely based on the idea that EDM festivals are just too good to be true and must have been the result of a bigger plan run by freemasons and the illuminati…. The evidence? There are none of course, just a feeling that people get during festivals, and evidence as thin as Steve Aoki saying at Tomorrowland 2015: ‘Do you trust me?’ and followed by the entire crowd… as it is the case each time.

‘INSOMNIAC EVENTS produce a ton of drugs, and distribute them to local promoters to sell at their events, and profit,’ claims someone on Reddit, Is nightlife a CIA plot? wrote another person on Thump Vice, suggesting that EDM big events are part of a highly complex series of governmental machinations designed to turn you into a zombie addicted to drugs and more EDM remixes.

Do these people really believe that the  illuminati is using EDM festivals as a propaganda and brainwashing tool with the help of the CIA? Sure, this has been done before as everyone knows, journalist Gary Webb revealed the connections between the CIA and the explosion of crack cocaine in African American neighborhoods in LA, and there is a long list of stories linking the government with drug-related stories… but this new conspiracy is just as unfounded, as empty as a Tiesto or Zedd DJ set. Nevertheless you will find tons of blogs and internet discussions, mentioning upside down pyramids in clubs and other symbols on EDM album covers, an obvious illuminati signature… A female DJ has even embraced the conspiracy with the moniker MK Ultra (referring to Project MK Ultra, the code name given to a program of experiments on humans, designed and undertaken by the CIA).

You will find plenty of these conspiracies around EDM, the best one may be that Mr. conspiracy theory himself, Alex Jones, could be a secret acid house DJ… but seriously music as cold and soulless as EDM is really in need of a good story to get remotely interesting.


One Response to “Do Some People Actually Believe EDM Is A Mind Control Tool Used By The Government?”

  1. Katy Groves

    Dear Alyson,

    I am a survivor of covert mind control programming and have personally witnessed and been forced to partake in the phenomena you describe. I have personally been programmed to distribute drugs at raves and assist in the production of electronic dance music used to mind control people, both in the general public and in the so-called elite. You want proof of this, I am sure, but as all I can give you at this time is my word, I will instead pose a few questions that may at least help to open your mind.

    Do you really think it far-fetched that the people at the top – who have historically stopped at nothing to maintain power and control over the people through massive brainwashing efforts – are not doing everything in their power right now to ensure that the mainstream media remains under their control? Why would they, in all their megalomania and pathological narcissism, let something so influential in the minds of young people today as the electronic music industry simply run its course?

    You claim there is no evidence that this is real, yet provide no evidence that it is not. You use strong, opinionated language like “stupid” and “soulless” to describe EDM, as if the “quality” of the music has anything to do with its ability to be used as a mind control tool. You also use the word “stupidity” in reference to the theory itself. Why write so persuasively if you offer no proof or personal testimony to corroborate the supposed impossibility of this theory?

    You yourself admit that the CIA has a history of distributing drugs to the general population for nefarious purposes. Why, then, is it so hard to exercise the possibility that the CIA has done the same at raves? There is ample evidence that MK ULTRA programming tools are used in many different spheres of the mainstream media. What sets EDM apart from these other media and makes it so hard to believe that it could be just another tool in the mind control machine?

    I would love to hear your thoughts.


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