Do The Tuesday Morning Rock!

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It was a busy Tuesday morning by anybody’s standards. 16 new releases, all some degree of major, all important for your music fan to have an idea about. And if he it wasn't’t for Spotify, very very expensive.

Without Spotify this is what I would have bought on Itunes:

Chris Stamey; $10

Ron Sexsmith: $10

Wayne Shorter: $10

Joe Budden: $10.

Next, I would have bought 12 songs, one of each of the other albums for a total of $15, as well as the new singles by Lady Antebellum and Fall Out Boy –call it $3

I would then have gone for an additional 4 songs, adding one song per album  each to the songs I had previously liked, call it $5.

The following day I would have added  maybe two more albums for another $20.

Total price: $88.

Instead, I got all 16 albums on Spotify and the only thing I couldn't’t find was Fall Out Boy single:

Price: $1.29

There are two points to this story.

1. If you listen to current music with even a modicum of seriousness, get Spotify.

2. If you write about pop music, you need to have a working knowledge, at least a sense of, at least 16 albums this week.

2013 is not 1979, the sheer weight of new music is an avalanche of sound that keeps you struggling non- stop to keep on to . To at least have a sense as to where music is going you need to listen to music just about your every waking moment.

Look at it this way, 15 must hear albums a week for 52 weeks equals 780 albums a year and that won’t even get you close to the finishing end. That’s the surface for an understanding of what is happening. Beyond that, there are so many subgenres and bands that every single thing feels like a secret of sound you sort of stumble into… scary right?

We here at rock nyc try our very best to tell you what you need to know.


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