DR King Readies Debut EP With Two New Songs

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The Cleveland, Ohio, modern r&b singer Donald Ray King, Jr., aka DR King is on the cusp of a breakthrough with the initial songs off his eagerly anticipated album. “Anyway” is good state of the art hip hop production influence blues wailing smash and it is the weaker of the two songs, If “Anyway” chimes into his classic youth story, learning to sing in the Church choir, “Your Body” has a chill neo soul vibe, it is banger with a subdued depth and a hook as written, “a wooh hoo”.

According to the bio “King is currently recording his self-titled debut EP at Shorefire Recording Studios in Long Branch NJ. The songs are being cut live and produced by two time Grammy winner, Marc Swersky (Joe Cocker, Keisha, Hilary Duff)”. Heady company and there is nothing amateur about this production, the drums are programmed but powerful, the synth a melodic building block in the front, and all of it at service to one thing only, DR King’s voice, a soulful and glossy thing, that has a light touch yet never fails to mesmerize, the songs are sticky and DR’s voice consistently draws you in with an extensive skillfulness.

This will be a breakthrough year for King, “In 2017, King was featured on Brooklyn based electric-pop duo, Hypnova’s single Stranger Things and will be featured on Philadelphia’s hip-hop/soul artist Kuf Knotz’s upcoming track Nostalgia”.

Other stuff is also happening, and if what the world needs now is sweet soul music with current arrangements, it will be getting them soon enough. The shout of “Halleluiah” at the end of “Your Body” proves it.


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