Early Reviews: Bob Dylan, Mudcrutch, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jennifer Nettles

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Fallen Angels – Bob Dylan – Recorded at the same sessions that provided is with the excellent Shadows In The Night, on the former Dylan could get a little Moondog Matinee, here he mainstreams it all the way But the feeling he brings to “With all your faults I love you still” on a song I’ve heard countless times, “It Happened to Be You” proves what you’d suspect: everything else notwithstanding, this is an exercise in interpretation and every single interpretation is excellent, Though it does beg an answer to the musical question, why doesn’t he sing his own material this well? – B+

The Heart Speaks In Whisper – Corinne Bailey Rae  A mainstream poster with a heart of jazz and the sort of piano playing chops Diana Krall might appreciate, writes these songs of love lost and found with a neo-70s soulfulness that repays close listen with a sense of wonder at that supple voice built for rock but wiling to sound like jaz when necessary – A-

2 – Mudcrutch – Not bad if you’re a Tom Petty fan, the biggest change you won’t much notice, Tom plays bass. Otherwise I see real difference between this and a heartbreakers song -maybe not as many anthems – B

Playing With Fire – Jennifer Nettles – Say what you will about Rick Rubin, his recasting of the Sugarland lead singer on her first solo album a coupla years ago turned my head, for one. This one? Not so much, Sugarland by any other name – B-


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