EELS Have Announced ‘The Deconstruction’

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E in 2011 at the El Rey


After such a long absence, the popular band EELS are back, or I should say Mark O. Everett is back… ‘E’, as he likes to be called, has been very quiet for a very long time, and despite a couple of rare appearances at Largo in Los Angeles last year, many may have thought he had become an hermit. It has been four years since the release of ‘The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett’, which is an unusually rhythm for the very prolific frontman.

But today, EELS have announced their 12th album, ‘The Deconstruction’, which will be released on April 6th, and followed by a tour in the US and Europe, starting with a warm-up in Pomona on May 28th and another show in Los Angeles at the Fonda on May 30th. You can check all the dates and the availability of tickets on EELS website.

They have also shared the title track of the new album on YouTube, and the song starts with a delicate guitar melody while E’s half-scared, half wide-eyed dreamy falsetto are soon nursed by soothing strings and keys. ‘The deconstruction has begun, time for me to fall apart,’ he sings with his usual ironic self-deprecating tone,… ‘The reconstruction will begin only when there’s nothing left,’ he continues. The song is quite cinematic with a dramatic departure in the chorus and a soaring ‘I break apart’, while the atmosphere is very much in the vein of EELS’ first albums

According to Paste Magazine, the idea behind the new album is the deconstruction of the world itself: ‘The world is going nuts,’ says Everett. ‘But if you look for it, there is still great beauty to be found. Sometimes you don’t even have to look for it. Other times you have to try to make it yourself. And then there are times you have to tear something apart to find something beautiful inside.’

Beside E, the music was performed by his longtime collaborators Koool G Murder and P-Boo, as well as The Deconstruction Orchestra and Choir, while some songs are produced by Everett, and others by Mickey Petralia, for the first time since their 1998’s ‘Electro-Shock Blues’.

You can pre-order the album as download, CD, double 10″ standard vinyl or double 12″ deluxe vinyl box set with great pre-order bundle deals HERE.

Listen to the title track below, and to an enigmatic trailer for the new album HERE.



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