Elliott Smith Wall And The Pictures Of The Artists Who Did It

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Two Los Angeles blogs (la.curbed.com and laist.com) have now posted pictures of the anonymous artists who are responsible for cleaning up and repainting the Figure 8/Elliott Smith Memorial wall on Sunset boulevard.

Someone from thefmly.com (a website that defines itself as ‘a visible global music and arts collective committed to recording the voice of our friends and folks we admire in any way that we can) actually sent an email to these two blogs (and probably the pictures).

I wonder whether this is the same person, a certain Cameron (also linked to fmly.com), who left a message after my post about the wall, saying ‘I know who did this…’

Well, Cameron, the generous artists are part of these fmly activists, aren’t they?

Many comments on the blogs criticize the sloppiness of the work, as the swirls are not very well done, but I thought it was a nice idea nevertheless.

I wonder what Autumn de Wilde thinks about this, now that the wall is even closer to the picture she took for the Figure 8 album cover.




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