Elon Rutberg, Kanye West’s Collaborator, Calls ‘La La Land’ ‘Fascist’

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Elon Rutberg

This headline struck me in the face, and of course this is meant to, especially because you get too words that we have heard and read too many times this past year: Kanye and fascist! Kanye West has actually nothing to do with the story, it just concerns one of his collaborators and creative directors Elon Rutberg, who shared his very personal opinion about one of the most acclaimed movies of the season.

In a series of tweets that he almost immediately deleted, Rutberg called the Oscar contender ‘La La Land’, … fascist. There was many more words tweeted – and still no mention of Kanye, be reassured – and because this is the internet, you can be assured that all of them were screen-saved by Pitchfork or NME’s teams of experts, even though the tweets only stayed live for about 5 minutes! If you want to read the entire rant you can always go there, but let’s say that Rutberg called ‘La La Land’ ‘an act of destructive naïveté in a historical moment requiring depth, clarity, and refined thought’…. while giving us a lesson of history: ‘Fascism’ is a conspiracy of business and military elites to seize control, and use whatever means necessary to sedate its populace. Read: throw money at an empowered director (after an admittedly fantastic film), and enable him to use his sizable talent without the benefit of actually challenging him on his ideas. You have now used your money as a means to weaponize dangerous naïveté.’

Where are these accusations coming from? Is the movie financed by the military or the Republican party? Is there something I am not aware of? Rutberg may have a point when he mocks the main character with, ‘Ryan Gosling saving jazz for entirely black audiences in Los Angeles?’…. although I am not even sure of this… I would say that the character was more concerned about his own career than saving jazz… When I think about it, these people were too involved into themselves to care enough about the rest, so the bitter ending – and sorry for the spoiler if you haven’t seen it – but qualifying this movie of fascist is like saying ‘Snow White and the seven Dwarves’ was an attempt to convert US audiences to communism… oh wait! But Rutberg has visibly never been exposed to fascism

As for sedated, we have been sedated since the internet-TV-reality-social-media area, at least most of us, it’s not one more Hollywood movie that will change the trend. Sure ‘La La Land’ is not a movie challenging any idea, like 90% of the movies you can see… it’s the least political movie you can imagine made during a period when we overdose on bad politics, it’s a movie made to please the audiences, especially the aging ones, and the ones voting for the academy awards.

This Rutberg guy should pick his battles, isn’t it a more prominent target in the current culture instead of attacking a charming piece of entertainment with no other pretention than to make us dream for 2 hours?

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