Elvis Costello Calls Me Scum…

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Wow, the power of Elvis? I wrote a story (here) about Elvis Costello writing in his memoir “Unfaithful Music And Invisible Ink”, how “I’d slipped out of those tricky bitter songs that only appealed to a certain kind of creep,” referring to Almost Blue.

Surprisingly, Costello posted it on his Facebook page with the legend “But we had to scrape the scum off the rim of the trough”.

The response was huge, 15K reads, numbers we certainly don’t usually get. Lots of hateful comments, though cmon, rock nyc has been attacked by Bob Seger, Leonard Cohen and Kings Of Leon fans, doesn’t bother us  any… although one guy comparing me to Lennon’s murderer pushed the envelope a little.

The Costello quote is an original one, and if it is a maladroit metaphor, it gets closer to what was probably the truth of the matter. In the book he claims, he wanted to get rid of his creepy fans, here he calls me scum and himself a pig but the metaphor isn’t that (he is being cute), what it really is is that the trough was the music he wanted to write and the scum were fans who didn’t want him to change. Believable, right?

Incidentally, Costello is known for posting unfavorable reviews so this hasn’t really gone to my head. I mean, I am the guy who got a thank you note from Taylor Swift… that went to my head.


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