Elvis Presley’s “Almost In Love” Reviewed

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The difference between the third budget RCA Camden, Almost In Love, and even three years ago, is that  in 1970 it separated good albums, and in 1967 it would have separated soundtrack exercises. So while the two previous Camden releases sounded OK, a little mix and match, very short, but good enough, in 1970 the latest budget releaset felt like a leap backwards.

The 25 minute opus included one song that stands as the bizarre Presley exercise in modern pop, the bad trip “Edge Of Reality”, and two songs that would be remixed into EDM pop 30 years later, “A Little Less Conversation” a hit by Junkie XL and “Rubberneckin’” a miss for the infinitely more talented Paul Oakenfeld. Otherwise, not much of interest. Amusingly enough, they forgot they’d already released “Stay Away, Joe, on an earlier Camden but it was too late!

For the price, and for what it was, nestled between two huge Presley albums, On Stage on one side and That’s The Way It Is on the other, it really is a strange nugget of an album. Its only reason to live was to make a little money, but it was also weakening the product: silence would have been more effective,  for sure.

It isn’t bad as such, it picks up some latter day soundtrack songs you might have missed, a coupla big ballads, some proto rockers: not offensive, not “Old MacDonald Had A Farm”… and there is “US Male”, but really, not at all essential now that Presley’s albums were back on track

Grade: B-


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