Elvis Presley’s Burning Love and Hits from His Movies, Volume 2, Reviewed

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On to album # 50. A strange one even by the RCA Camden Budget terms of endearment. With songs from as long ago as 1961 and as late as the year it was released, 1972, Elvis pulled the hit single “Burning” to lead off  side one, and the B Side “It’s A Matter Of time” and it adds four songs from various 60s per each side. Ten songs, 23 minutes, $1.98. Value for money in the pre-streaming age but even so, there was no logic as to what they placed and why. There was one more big hit sure and not  “Burning Love” but the magnificent “No More” off G.I. Blues. But if you are pursuing the RCA Camden Budget Line, how on earth don’t you own “No More”? And if you what to hear “No More” for goodness sake, invest in Blue Hawaii.

Besides the above mentioned, “Tender Feeling” is a lovely, smart as a whip, re-write of “Shenandoah” off “Kissing Cousins”. I am not sure how I missed that song in April (Here), I called it a lame, draggy ballad -maybe I was just sick of the entire enterprise. “Tonight’s Alright for Love”, off G.I. Blues,  is another goodie though my affection for those two albums is exactly mixed with nostalgia. Plus a coupla standards, although “Guadalajara” wasn’t the mariachi standard it is today when Elvis performed, “Santa Lucia” is. That leaves four bland outs to shut it down.

What’s annoying is, with the slightest of thought they could hang these albums on something that, you know, makes sense. A hit single and a buncha random movie tracks is what it boils down to in the end. I don’t mind it, I don’t like it. It has no real reason to exists though even on 72 isn’t asking too much to have “Burning Love” on album, it is a world class rocker and a pleasure to have around the house, Elvis puts his pelvis into it.

Grade: B


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