Elvis Presley’s “C’mon Everybody” Reviewed

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After Elvis Presley’s untimely demise back in August 1977, Colonel Tom Parker famously claimed “Nothing has changed. This won`t change anything”, cynical but prescient as nearly forty years after his death, Presley is # 1 in the UK album charts this week and back in 1971 he released the most Presley of Presley albums, a compilation of his EP only movie soundtracks. Album #44, C’mon Everybody,  takes songs from Viva Las Vegas, Easy Come, Easy Go, and Kid Galahad, into a thoroughly enjoyable romp.

Perhaps it is so enjoyable because it is so relaxed, enervated but smart, and after all the heavy lifting since the 1968, Presley doesn’t ask much of us here. Just sit back and admire a non-Eddie Cochran title track that’s fine fun, “I was raised with a guitar in my hand, and I was born to rock…” Elvis sings and while he sounds to hip swinging, sozy rock for movies, the sentiment at least rings true.

C’mon Everybody is typical of, but not exclusive to, how Presley and the Colonel mined his catalog: since the songs were only available on EPs putting them together in an album makes perfect sense. And also, they aren’t bad songs at all. Especially the three from his phenomenal movie “Follow That Dream”. The title track so great Bruce Springsteen used to sing it straight, “Angel”, -a pretty good rewrite of “Pocketful Of rainbows” and the tremendous and then some pop magnificence that is “I’m Not The Marrying Kind”. Cool and sultry, sulky and lush, in the movie, he is callow bad boy in the song,

Nothing else on the album much matters, though none of it is insulting, the solo on “Easy Come, Easy Go” is impressive and “Kig Of The Whole Wide World” sounds like the Shadows. Plus wait, 1961 and who wrote the lyric “A Whistling tune”? A certain Mr. Hal David, between Bacharach business I guess.   But if the songs are strong and weak, it is a Presley we’d lost sight of over the years and it is nice to hear him so at ease with himself. One more thing, note it is RA Camden, so it was a budget release.

Grade: B


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