Elvis Presley’s “Fun In Acapulco” Reviewed

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Here we are at the very heat of the Presley the matinee idol,  album # 19.  A bland soundtrack, eleven from the movie, with bad Latin American songs along with the standard issue and a sky high triumph,  promoting “Fun In Acapulco” not his worst movie, though not “Viva Las Vegas” either. With the Beatles invasion less than four months away, the album sounds like John Lennon’s Grandpa, it is so stale and outdated Presley was losing credibility faster than he was making B Movies and bad songs. On November 1st, 1963, Elvis released a Fred wise and Dick Manning tracks, “(There’s No Room) To Rhumba In a Sports Car”. On December 26th, 1963, the Beatles released “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”.  I can not even. It is completely inexcusable to make Presley sing this crap.

However, this isn’t his worst soundtrack by a lot shot. “Vino, Dinero Y Amor” is a fun Sid Tipper and Roy Bennett  genre exercise, almost makes you forgive their “Earth Boy”. “Fun In Acapulco” and “You Can’t Say No In Acapulco” are pleasant enough crossover pop tracks, and if the serious “El Toro” is a dog, nothing else sings quite that low. But while the Latin American songs add a change of best, they aren’t a change enough.

Except, “Bossa Nova Baby”, a Leiber Stoller song, is much better. after “Jailhouse Rock”, the “Bossa Nova baby” is the best dance sequence Presley had done to date. Looking quite stunningly handsome, and caught between two girls, he hits the stage with Spanish back up musicians, and moves his hips and body, only stopping to play the keyboard motif. It is a refined twist, all feet and hips, and Presley takes the song at a reckless speed, with horns blaring and maracas marracing.

The movie is standard issue, Presley is a trapeze artists whose brother died in a big top accent, he goes to Acapulco to kick his wounds and ends with the Bond girl par excellence, Ursula Andress,. She is really quite stunning., only Ann Margaret is her equal in Bond movies, though Ursula doesn’t seem quite as romantically inclined.

But the music, man, it  has been years, cmon guy, sing some good songs.



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