Elvis Presley’s ” Having Fun With Elvis On Stage” Reviewed

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“I love you, oh God do I love you but I’ve still gotta sing this song…” and in another word nearly any other world, Elvis would have launched into a song, but this isn’t any other world, this is Colonel Parker land where the always avaricious Colonel, realized he could cut out song royalties by not including songs. The result was Elvis’ only spoken word album, the 1974, 58th release, Having Fun With Elvis On Stage: extracts from Elvis goofing around on stage, chatting up the girls, and using his oozed out sexuality like smooth bourbon or Tupelo honey or both.

Three opinions:

1 – Hearing the women lose it with every half chuckle, cynical aside and mostly “hang loose child, that’s for real” draws them a little closer, he’ll improvise a vocal line, goof around with the band, and essentially act like a God at play, you know the whole “Your God is a playful God” concept. There isn’t really any ego as such in the 37 minute album, but mostly because Presley doesn’t feel it necessary to exert himself as a Man-God, at the age of forty, he kinda takes it for granted. Obviously, there is no insights in anything to be happened from all of it; except that Presley calls women child and it works.

2 – Play it backwards and it is Presley’s Metal Machine Music” –certainly, while not the intention, it sure feels like experimental art form, it is all delayed to mummification satisfaction, waiting for the song to kick.

3 – A complete rip off from a money hungry manager, that Presley hated so much he refused a second printing and now only available the way it is available here, on youtube.

So which is it: All of the above, of course.

Grade: C- (anybody else it would be an F)


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