Elvis Presley’s “I Got Lucky” Reviewed

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Album # 45, I Got Lucky, is also number two on the movie EPs transferred to albums sequence and if it is nowhere near as good as C’Mon Everybody, look at it this way. The former is mostly “Kid Galahad” and “Easy Come, Easy Go”, with two minor Viva Las Vegas songs,  C’Mon Everybody is mostly “Follow  That Dream” and “Viva Las Vegas”, so no competition.

“Kid Galahad” is a little early in the matinee idol stakes but the songs here aren’t choice at all, “Easy Come, Easy Go” is mid-60s fake rock and pop. Still, it isn’t a total waste of time,  “I Need Somebody To Lean” -a Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman’s Frank Sinatra styled ballad that Presley lays down with confidence and distilled quiet, is an obscure beauty. On the other hand, what can we say about “Yoga Is As Yoga Does”  pride owner of the worst  cpuplet Elvis ever sang: “You tell me just how I can take this yoga serious, when all it ever gives to me is a pain in the posterius”? It makes me cringe and laugh at the same time, so that’s to the good.

The ten song album lets around 23 minutes and if you were a completist and you’d passed on the EPS, the two albums absolutely had a value. In 2016, I’m happy to hear that terrific Doc Pomus track and otherwise the cover photo has nothing to do with anything and, well, next

Grade: C+



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