Eminem And rihanna Stadium tour: If This Is Fun, Why is Nobody Smiling?

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Sullen duo

Sullen duo

can’t think of a more boring concept then Eminem and Rihanna on a Stadium Tour together. Rihanna is astoundingly bad on stage and Eminem is terrific, and when I caught him with Jay Z a couple of years ago at Yankee Stadium  he was great from a different time zone and so straight away, you are stuck with the po-faced deadly dull Ree Ree till you get to Em. And the only good thing about this relationship is given the circumstances, Rihanna is forced to get on stage at a reasonable hour and not keep the world waiting –like Madonna and Lady Gaga before her, half the damn night so see her royal indifferenceness.

But Eminem has changed as well. He was different when I saw him at Yankee stadium; he is really brittle and ill-tempered in 2014. If this is fun, why isn’t anybody smiling?

And back to Rihanna, yeah she looks good and yeah they have two hit songs together but they sure aren’t a really good match at all: Jay Z and either of these folks would be better. Jay Z has the arch of arrogance and his smug good humor is a better match than these twos profuse glumness.

I once had a really handsome friend who was dating a gorgeous girl and they broke up so I asked him what gives: he said the sex sucked. Both of them were inherently passive; maybe because both of them were used to having other people, less attractive people, do the work for them. So when it came to sex, neither of them did anything.

Rihanna and Eminem have the same problem. Both of them use sullenness, but if they are both sulkers, where does that leave the audience?

Watch this space for further details.

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