Eminem And Rihanna To Perform At Metlife

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Gods walk among us as $300 a pop

Gods walk among us as $300 a pop

Whatever problems Eminem may have has as a post-Oedipal Shady turn of the Millennium bad boy in the footsteps of NWA on one hand and the Beastie Boys on the other, and he apparently had quite a vicious drug one, he was a snidey smarty bad boy with a smile that snarled a smarled if you will. The last time I saw him on stage, at Yankee Stadium with Jay Z, he was a rap God rapper with style and stamina but what he wasn’t was much fun, he didn’t smarl much.

Obviously, we are getting the latter when he plays Metlife on Saturday August 26th, 2014 and with the overtly self-important superstar Rihanna opening, whose live shows are among the worst big scale r&b shows around, expect a sort of congratulatory victory lap as well as a valedictorian “Love The Way You Lie”.

Sound like a bummer?

Maybe, though two things come to mind here:

1. Rihanna is smart enough to realize she will be blown off stage if she phones it in.

2. Eminem is a sincerely excellent rapper.

Still with me? How about this piece of information: the cheapest seats are over $70. That’s right, to see the show from a different zip code will cost you a ridiculous $72:

$55.00 – US $250.00
US $55.00 Ticket + US $17.10 Fees =
US $72.10
US $250.00 Ticket + US $32.15 Fees =
US $282.15

That’s pretty ridiculous right, while the standard of living has dropped through the floor since 2009, concerts continue to price themselves through the roof. And for $70 you will get two assholes posing themselves to heroic extents. One of whom is a great rapper.

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