‘Encounters With Elliott Smith’, A New Book By Sylvain Ansoux, Soon To Be Published

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Elliott Smith has been the subject of several books, such as Benjamin Nugent’s ‘Elliott Smith and the Big Nothing’, W.T. Schultz’s ‘Torment Saint’, but both of them had the ambition to be biographical or at least a portray assembled through photographs and conversations with close friends and family, in the case of Autumn de Wilde’s ‘Elliott Smith’.

In ‘Rencontres avec Elliott Smith’ (‘Encounters with Elliott Smith’) French author Sylvain Ansoux takes another approach for his first book. ‘Rather than writing a biography, I chose to write a novel because I think that fiction often captures reality better,’ explained the author in an interview. He wrote his first novel as a thriller and a combined homage ‘to the 90’s, to the grunge scene and French detective novels of the time’.

For his first book, Sylvain, who is passionate about music and literature, decided to focus on the beloved musician, who died tragically at 34, because he realized that many people are still fascinated by the artist many years later, something very common today when so many fans develop an obsession for dead singer-songwriters. The book follows Christophe, a die-hard Elliott Smith’s fan, who never found closure after the singer’s death. When Christophe decides to write the artist’s biography, the ghost of Elliott starts to show up at each street corner, as if he was chasing Christophe, who begins to sink in another reality and a parallel world.

At the end, the book seems to show someone’s obsession can transform into madness! This is a very promising plot, and it has gotten me intrigued. Sylvain Ansoux’s book will be released on July 1st and you can already order it on Amazon.


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