Entertainment Weekly Lists the Top 100 Albums Of All Time

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Well then, “Top” lists are so popular. Everyone has a top 10 everything and the point is- who cares about another’s opinion?

A lot of people put a whole lot of merit into others opinions and for the life of me I cant figure out why. If I like an album why should you? For that matter why should I like something you do? I have this debate far too often. Don’t tell me something is the ‘best of all’ because that’s an opinion. Mozart, Bach, Stones and Kinks…doesn’t matter. Everyone is someone’s favorite.

What I love is the backlash these things cause. Like Bob Seger, worse most disgusting performer of all time- but his parasitic fans will eat you alive for saying that cuz its not their opinion.
Right now citizens of Great Britain are having a cow because Sgt Peppers isn’t on the list. Why? Who really cares what Entertainment Weekly thinks.
Their top 20 (which I include below) is chock full of crap(excluding number 5 of course)

But I digress.. critics criticize and fans fanatasize’s and neither makes a hill of beans in the end. I find some of this fascinating though.. Revolver? Really? Out over every album…..Revolver?

1.Revolver – Beatles
2.Purple Rain – Prince
3.Exile on Main St. – Rolling Stones
4.Thriller – Michael Jackson
5.London Calling – Clash
6.Blood on the Tracks – Bob Dylan
7.Lady Soul – Aretha Franklin
8.My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West
9.Pet Sounds – Beach Boys
10.Nevermind – Nirvana
11.Blue – Joni Mitchell
12.The White Album – Beatles
13.What’s GoingOn – Marvin Gaye
14.At Folsom Prison – Johnny Cash
15.Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
16.Sunrise – Elvis Presley
17.21 – Adele
18.Graceland – Paul Simon
19.Call Me – Al Green
20.Beggar’s Banquet – Rolling Stones

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