Eric Contractor’s “Mad For The Light” Reviewed

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I’ve been an Eric Contractor fan for years now and my major complaint is that he is still alive – not that I wish him dead of course, he is a really nice guy, but because his haunting vocals and song constructions, his beautiful damaged persona, his ghost of Jeff Buckley (not to mention Roy Orbison) personality would be so very much more popular if he was indeed a ghost.

Eric’s latest song, “Mad For the Light” sounds like it has stumbled out of Manderlay, it presents itself I echoed glory, like a shadowy figure of a song glimpsed out of the side of your eye and never seen again. After it is over, you can still hear it somewhere in the back of your mind, entirely uniquely and from somewhere else entirely.

Eric Contractor wrote this on Instagram: “One of my favorite poems “Ecstatic Longing” by Goethe. This poem was an inspiration for my new upcoming song “Mad For The Light”:

“In the calm water of the love-nights,

where you were begotten, where you have begotten,

a strange feeling comes over you,

when you see the silent candle burning.”

So listening again, there is a type of insane passion inside Contractor’s song, a mad love madness, and insane haunting of previous, prior, contemporary sounds.

I keep saying Contractor is bound to be hailed by the many the way he is by the few who know him, but maybe he is made for secretive, furtive, disappearing elsewhereness.

Grade: A


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