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Sgt Nesmith’s Pre-fab TV Sitcom Band

To put the Monkees in some kinda context, Jonas Brothers are to the Monkees what the Monkees are to the Beatles.

The Monkees, a Don Kirschner creation for a TV sitcom, transplanting “A Hard Day’s Night” to Los Angles slap dab in the middle of the generation wars.
Kirschner got the best songwriters and session players money could buy and the Monkees first two albums, the Monkees and More Of The Monkees were terrific pop rock studio creations. The band sang the songs and other write em and all was well on the charts.

The next three albums albums,  Headquarters, the Birds, the Bees and the Monkees andPisces, Aquarius, Capricon and Jones, Ltd. found the pre-fab smarting from complaints they didn’t make their own music, making their own music. To mixed but not bad results. A crap movie was followed by the TV show being cancelled and decades of reformations on the nostalgia tour.

This is the Monkees 45th year anniversary and three of em -Nesmith is staying home again are, as Helen mentioned, going on tour. I bought a tix to catch em June 16th at the Beacon and in celebration, here is a Monkees playlist!!

1. Goin’ Down – The flip side to “Daydream Believer” finds Dolenz scatting and speed singing through the funny, tragic, story, of a man who loses his girls, decides to drown himself and changes his mind. An awesome squealing sax follows Dolenz as he drifts down to New Orleans.

2. The first track on the third album is co-written by Davy and it is a perfect capsule of Davy’s deeply romantic odes to sexual confusion and true love. A cousin to the later “Daydream Believer”, it is precisely why Jones was considered a major sex symbol at the night. A call to true love, with a trumpet echoing him through the changes.

3. Tapoica Tundra – This is all Nesmith, a ragtime 20s genre exercise plus rock and roll instrumental.

4. (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone – A hardcore rock stomper covered by the Sex Pistols among others.

5. Pleasant Valley Sunday – A Goffin-King triumph with Mike and Mickey singing and sharing the lead vocal, and Mike nailing the opening iff cold.

6. Your Auntie Grizalda – Peter could sing, I guess. Just not very well. He kinda waddles through this and it shows how much charm the band had at the point that it doesn’t eve nearly suck.

7. That Was Then, This Is Now – Their last hit (credited to Micky and Peter)m hit # 20 in 1986. A fine last hurrah helmed by Dolenz. No relation to the S.E. Hinton book.

8. Randy Scouse Git – Apparently Dolenz didn’t know what it meant! It is meant to be important and isn’t very.

9. The Day We Fall In Love – OMG! I wonder how many girls hit puberty listening to this? Davy sacrosanct and soppy.

10. Last Train To Claksville –  Boyce and Hart wrote it, but it belongs to the Monkees even if the only Monkee on it is Micky. Their first single went to number and that was then, this is now. See ya in June

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