Ex-Soul Coughing’s Mike Doughty Wants To Sell You A Personalized Unreleased Song For A Lot Of Dough

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I know times are hard, and especially hard for musicians, how many do make a living off their music? Probably not a lot, and if you are a middle-age musician, and the ex-frontman of a defunct indie band of the 90s, times are even tougher.


So what is ex-Soul Coughing’s Mike Doughty supposed to do?  Selling personalized versions of unreleased songs,… for $35,335.53. According to the AV Club, Doughty has fixed himself the price to record ‘Dogs/Demons’, a never-played-live song, with some personalized message! But your money will go far, since you will even be able to modify the song with a choice between several keys (C, D or D sharp), and the presence or absence of a bridge.


Oh but if you don’t want the personalized part, you can get a much cheaper version for 543.09, and if you want the bridge, you will have to go deeper in your pocket with an additional $267.18… Wait, a song usually costs $1 something, is it a joke? They say that only fans who have bought it will be able to hear the song, but this is another joke right? We live at a plentiful YouTube-Mediafire-sharing-files era, and you have to be naïve to still beleive an unreleased song can stay exclusive… unless nobody cares about Soul Coughing’s music anymore, which is quite possible.


One last thing, what’s the deal with these weird prices? You know what, this guy seems to be worst than Jack White.


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