Expect A Long List Of Posthumous Releases For David Bowie

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And you thought you would never listen to a new Bowie song? You thought that ‘Blackstar’ was his last testament, his ultimate goodbye? You were wrong! I didn’t take this news too seriously at first because it was announced by a few tabloid sources, but it is official, according to Newsweek, there is much more in store for David Bowie:

‘According to the person close to Bowie, there is “a long list of unscheduled musical releases that Bowie planned before he died.” These releases, Newsweek’s source says, have been divided into eras and will not necessarily be released in chronological order. It is not yet known whether they will contain previously unheard work, though past rereleases of Bowie’s work have. The first of these compilations will be on sale before the end of 2017.’

Bowie’s producer Tony Visconti had already revealed in a Rolling Stone interview that he was working on another album just before he died ‘and had written and recorded demos of at least five songs. ‘ This immediately prompted a lot of speculations, and we can now hope to hear new material at one point, if there are new demos among these upcoming releases.

Newsweek also learnt there is no Bowie memoir in the future, and no book despite the fact that Bowie had agreed to produce ’Bowie: Object’ for Penguin. Unfortunately, Matthew Hutchinson, a spokesman for the publisher, told Newsweek, ‘Penguin is not expecting it to happen,’ since Bowie didn’t complete the book before he died.

There’s such an appetite for everything Bowie right now, that it’s hardly a surprise new compilations will be released, it is always the case for an artist after his death. But this seems to be a bit different this time, as this was planned by the rockstar himself before his death,

‘Bowie was one of those artists who was very engaged and liked to control what was released from the vault,’ said a source to the Mirror, and even after death, Bowie shows he is still in control.


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