Falling Into Trouble, Ronnie Radke Busted

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Ronnie Radke's in trouble with the law…again.

He was arrested for an alleged domestic assault by his girlfriend who stated he "physically assaulted her".  However, he was released on account of a $30,000 bond.  He's going to court on the 14th.  As a fan, it's disappointing to see someone that I consider talented to be put in this position of being seen as a criminal.  I consider him not guilty, and am looking forward to seeing what his sentence is when he goes to court.

Radke made a series of tweets discussing the situation: "Attention fans: don't believe everything you read on the internet!!! Jesus!!! Hahahaha". "It's funny how people are my fans after hearing about my prison sentence I served for fighting in the desert but read some random story online then completely flip the script on me and hate me. Until of course im playing a show in their town Then they automatically love me again"

This couldn't be more true.  Fairweather fans only like him when it's convenient.  I'm unsure as to what Radke meant about denying this event, but he is more than likely to plead not guilty.

Radke served 2 years in prison for a parole violation in an attempted manslaughter case in 2006. In that murder case, Radke didn’t pull the trigger, but he pled guilty to one charge of battery with substantial bodily harm and was sentenced to five years probation- then violated it. You'd think he would be  using a bit more caution in legal matters. 

Anyway, new court date on the horizon.  

He needs to stay out of trouble.


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