False Alarm “Tell Me Who I Am” Ft Cheetah Chrome Video Review

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Cheetah and Brent Alden


Cheetah Chrome is 61 years old and if that aint a reality check I don’t know what is.  Proof that cool guys can live forever and not all of us dropped dead or ended up in jail or the psych ward..yet.  So imagine my flashback to my past when I open up a message today and am greeted with an old memory. Why hello Mr Cheetah and my my my.. you’re with False Alarm.

2002 was not the best year for punk rock, most of the Doc stompers had waddled off to suburbia and began working on their perfect lawns.  It was a dark time and a sad reminder that we all grow up and things can’t remain the same. Or can they?

A group out of Cali was keeping the dream alive, False Alarm were heating up- and bringing in a legend to do so.

Dylan Maunder had the sort of voice that whips you right back to 1979.  Its that gritty sorta smokers voice that seems to have either just woke up or just puked up last nights lo mein.  To an old punk broad like me- it’s a sound of comforting familiarity.  Musically, Chrome adds old school street cred with backing by Paul Kostabi  while Alden and drummer Art Chianello keep the hip beat moving.  So we have a pretty interesting dynamic.  “Tell me who I am” is an open ended question with a thousand answers.  In the end it didnt really matter.

I got in contact with bassist Brent ‘Aldo’ Alden regarding his little gem and in my oh so suave way tried to get the story of how this collaboration came about.  The problem is an iphone and my shitty disposition but I was able to get the gist of it all. There was a Dennys, there was a Dee Dee Ramone (who even contributed art to False Alarms CD as well as paid tribute to them in his band Youth Gone Wild) and there are hopes for a future reforming of the band.

Make it happen.


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