‘Famous’, The New Kanye West Video Is There: Everybody Gets Naked!

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As it was announced , Kanye West premiered his video ‘Famous’ at the Forum and on Tidal simultaneously, and even though you were not there, you probably know about the opening camera traveling above the naked bodies of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian , Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, George W., Anna Wintour, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Bill Cosby, Caitlyn Jenner, George Bush, Amber Rose, Ray J, all sleeping in the same wide bed, after the largest post coital position ever. Chocking? Sure it’s made for this reason. Artistic? I don’t know I haven’t seen the thing, but according to Complex, this was inspired by American realist Vincent Desiderio’s “Sleep,’ whose work, an eight-feet high and 24-feet long imposing painting, portrays the naked bodies of 12 anonymous people lying on a bed asleep, or unconscious, so it’s more than an inspiration.

According to what you can read, the camera moves around the celebrities’ intimate details of their bodies, going borderline pornographic? Kanye has a wife who has made a carrier showing her naked giant ass, so he has had an excellent school. Of course all of this is fake, these are not the real people, but sculptures? wax figures? Whatever!

The video is supposed to be a comment on fame, but you have probably noticed, it’s not about the most famous people in the world, it’s about the most famous people who have a connection with Kanye West, it’s fame seen through his eyes, the Kanye’s club, today’s royalties,…and all I can say is that the few seconds I have seen on Twitter are weird, you don’t get the feeling of sexuality or pornography, it’s rather morbid as these people look totally dead despite any heavy breathing.


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