Fear And Loathing At The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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Halfway through Elton John's concert last night at MSG (I'll get to the review tomorrow), John brought out the excellent sideman keyboardist Leon Russell, reminding us that Leon played Harrison's "The Concert for Bangladesh" 40 years ago at that very venue and Russell had just been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Does Russell deserve it? Borderline. Like an Andy Pettite -a matter of taste.

Did he deserve it this year?

Absolutely not.

This is the slimey inside baseball, scumbag, embarrassment that is Jann Wenner's egotistical boys own club at its very worse.

The only reason Leon made it is because Elton wanted him to and Elton is Wenner's buddy. It is an embarrassment for Leon, it is an embarrassment for Jann (or would be if he had a shred of decency) and it makes a mockery of everything the rock and roll hall of fame is meant to mean.

Who counts here?

Springsteen, Bono, Elton, Jann. Nobody else opinion means a fucking thing.

This is the most loathsome piece of favoritism imaginable. It i completely pathetic and the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is a mockery.

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