Feist "November Rain" Cover Reviewed

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Feist.  Took on Guns and Roses "November Rain", why?

The song is really beautiful and I'm not a fan of GnR.  I always thought the song quite good.  Which is why I find this jam session version so repulsive.  The song and the band are very similar to the stage shown in this video.  An overcrowded mess, like a dorm room floor.  Just seeping full of disorganization.  I wanted to love the music at least.  I mean there was no question I would find the vocals disappointing but the levels are way off and the guitar is a squeeling ear bleeder. 

This may actually sum up everything that is wrong with women in indie rock today. What a filthy unattractive heap of filthy laundry

For the first time in my life I can almost demand that someone apologize to Guns and Roses for the disrespect.  This isnt even a cover its a song stuck on repeat.  I think that perhaps the band needed to fill some time during their Mexico City gig for contractual obligations or something cuz this is such a reel of trash that I cant help but hold down the bile with all I got.  Hmmm someone wishes she were Patti Smith…

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