FIDLAR: Vampire Weekend Were Just Total Dicks To Us

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These guys have always told it as it is, and they didn’t try to be politically correct on this one! On one hand, Vampire Weekend, a critically highly-praised indie band which is about to release a new album, on the other hand, FIDLAR, a Los Angeles young punk band in love with skateboard, cheap beers and freedom, which has just released an album.


At SXSW, FIDLAR was interviewed for Consequence Of Sound, and they didn’t hesitate to talk about some bad blood between the bands:

‘They [Vampire Weekend] gave us some bad looks one time and we haven’t forgave them for that, ‘ said drummer Max Kuehn.

‘We played a festival in Japan and those guys were just total dicks to us,’ added singer Zac Carper.

‘We were DJing in one room and they were DJing in another room and they were just playing the worst music ever, and everyone was in our room just jamming out… And they had this totally dead room where they were just playing electronic music and kept giving us the stink-eye,… the guitar player thought that I had stolen his camera,… continued Max, ‘And they also suck as a band too. They’re just really bad. I don’t like them at all!’

Wow, some real East-Coast-West Coast fight! That reminds me the Arcade Fire-Flaming Lips feud… I am waiting for a reaction from the Vampire Weekend camp, unless the whole thing is completely made up.



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