"Filth Friends Unite", I See Stars Reviewed

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I love hardcore, post hardcore..whatever hardcore and I can appreciate a scream as well as the next guy.  What separates hardcore bands is usually the clean vocal.  Shawn Milke of Alesana has been compared to a chipmunk for the high pitch he can sing. Paired with Dennis Lee's  growl.. its a pretty fantastic mix

I See Stars has the same issue.  A very high clean vocalist, who unfortunately sounds like pre puberty.  At times its difficult to take a seriously. Devin Oliver has a lovely voice, really he does but Zach Johnsons growl does not compliment it- it kicks its ass.  Almost like slapping a puppy.  Needless- not a huge fan.

There is some balance though, in this new song "Filth Friends Unite".  I'm not sure if they decided to meet in the middle or if it just worked out but the vocal quality for both on this is really very strong.  Yay for something positive.  The question though aims back at Johnson…dude what up with the highs on the keyboard/programming.  Are you Skrillexin' or something? 

Hardcore has a happy relationship with techno- this was a trip taken too far. The highs are just way too high.  Moments of greatness followed by earbleeding synth.  This is a great tune if you mute the musical via mac.


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